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Learn the noble art of working with Tadelakt - discover modern day methods of creating beautiful rooms and fixtures with this ancient waterproof Moroccan plaster. Tadelakt was admired and used by Romans in their famous Baths; it graced walls in Pharaoh's palaces; and, can be found in good condition today in medieval castles in France and Spain! It's famous waterproof surface is made using only natural oils and sealers and can last for generations with proper care.

Because of it's romantic look, organic, sensual feel, brilliant colors, exciting history, and durability, Tadelakt is the new premium plaster that is increasingly being demanded for high-end projects by designers and their clients.

Tadelakt is an Arabic word meaning "massage" or "to caress" which relates to the technique the applicator uses to form this ancient plaster into walls, sinks, showers, fountains, vases and even furniture! There are no sharp angles with Tadelakt - It has a very organic look and feel, which is achieved only by expert hand finishing and waxing. Faux finishes cannot compare with the "alive feeling" that Tadelakt brings to surfaces!

Dimensions Tadelakt Workshops include instruction in proper surface preparation, using substrate molds, mixing pigments into the plaster, application techniques on various surfaces: curved, flat, vertical, finishing, top coating and sealing methods for waterproofing.

The three-day Dimensions workshop includes all course materials, supplies, snacks and lunches. Applicators will work on a vessel sink, flat boards, and sgrafitto that they will take with them upon completion of the workshop, as well as take-home samples of tadelakt materials.

Tadelakt workshops are very hands on with an emphasis on personal instruction and interaction with the Master Artisan, and, are therefore limited to 6 persons.

Please call to register for this workshop. West Palm Beach, Florida

Call 1-877-242-8924

PRE-REQUISITE: Professional lime plaster applicator

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